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Our Network

Joining the U.S. Tactical Control & Survival School Network is a great step in preparing you and your family for imminent disasters.  We are dedicated to equipping civilians with knowledge needed before dangerous situations strike them, or their community.  Our highly trained staff is constantly researching and preparing for all types of situations, ranging anywhere from natural disasters, personal and family protection, to possible cataclysmic situations.  Let our team help prepare you.

Benefits to joining the U.S. Tactical Control Network or Community

Rest easy knowing that U.S. Tactical Control & Survival School has your back.  Join our network today for only $25 per year and receive a 10% discount on all of our standard programs.  Receive special pricing on products by companies like The Wise (Food Storage) Company, Goal Zero (Solar Products), Rothco, Eartheasy, Heirloom Organics and many more.  Also, you will be eligible for our (1.5 hour) 'Network Only' Resourcefulness Clinics.  (Resourcefulness classes are only $25 per class).  By joining our network you will receive monthly information covering the most common disasters plaguing mankind.  We will assist you with EAP (Emergency Action Plans) and possible evacuation locations in case you are forced to leave your home in the event of natural disasters, or the less likely event, that society collapses; giving you a better start than most. We also provide realistic based tactical training for personal and family protection in the event of active shooters, home invasions, car jacking, muggings, rape prevention and many other scenarios that plague our society.

Interested in survivalist knowledge?  We cover that too.  Contact us today and schedule a customized seminar, or clinic in your area and we will send a Tactical Master Instructor, Survival Expert, or Specialist of your choice to your area to work with your family, community, or team.  Enjoy this class in the comfort and convenience of  YOUR home, or Any location of your choice right in your home town.

Join our Network today and let us get you started on the path of practical preparation and personal/family defense.  For a copy of our Network Application please email us at, or click the contact us button.  We look forward to hearing you.